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Leonardo da Vinci ABLE

EU Leonardo ABLE - Two week sponsored placements on German Biogas facilities open for more candidates

Last call for ABLE Advanced Biogas Learning in Europe applications!

The Renewable Energy Association is managing an EU funded biogas training scheme - ‘Advanced Biogas Learning in Europe’ (ABLE) – the scheme is funding two week placements to Germany for around 30 UK professionals and young graduates, enabling them to learn from leading practitioners in all areas of anaerobic digestion (AD) technology.

The aim is to offer UK companies, farming enterprises, edicational establishments or other organisations, active in the UK biogas sector, the opportunity to send people for a two week on-site placement at German biogas plants, laboratories or factories. The project is principally aimed at young people looking to develop a “hands on” career in the green economy, however there is no age barrier for older applicants.

The project, is being run in partnership with the German Biogas and Bioenergy Society (GERBIO), and will offer a range of additional benefits to participants, from hands on industrial experience to first hand engagement with the German language and culture. Participants will emerge with a “Europass” – a language and skills CV recognised across the EU.

Travel, subsistence and half board expenses are fully supported by the funding. Placements started from November 2012 and will run until May 2014.

For details of how to apply for a placement please download the files below.

Timescales and Application Procedure

  1. The project runs until May 2014 and candidates will be selected on a rolling basis.
  2. Following selection, there will be a briefing for candidates at the REA in London given by Michael Kottner of IBBK on working practices in Germany, health & safety and a brief from the German Chamber of Commerce on German culture.
  3. You are welcome to ring REA if you wish to discuss the project. Please ask for David Collins.or email dcollions(at)r-e-a.net

For full details of how to apply for a placement, please download the files at REA Website:

Fördergesellschaft für nachhaltige Biogas- und Bioenergienutzung e.V.