12.07.13 @ 10:26
Leonardo da Vinci ABLE reports

Biogas work placement, Snow Leopard Project Gmbh, Reisbach (Bavaria)

Giovanni Lupaldi

I participated in the ABLE programme to develop my knowledge and skills in the anaerobic digestion industry. I did my internship at Snow Leopard Project Gmbh, a highly competent company that designs and operates two-­?stage anaerobic digestion plants in Germany. It is based in Reisbach (Bavaria) and has installed over 40 AD plants in Germany and around the world.

During my internship I worked on design and management of two-­?stage anaerobic digesters and I learnt about renewable energy legislation in Germany. Additionally I had the opportunity to work and live with very interesting and talented people with whom I built excellent personal relationships.

I discovered the Bavarian lifestyle and I actively tried to live and work like the local community. I found this exchange experience highly beneficial from the professional and human point of view. I feel I learnt a lot about the practical and theoretical side of the AD industry. Moreover I enjoyed the time spent with colleagues and people met outside the office.

My intention is to make the most of the knowledge gained in Germany. I would like to use the outcomes of my internship in the UK market and maintain my personal and professional relationships with the people I met in Germany during the exchange programme.

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