09.11.13 @ 13:21
Leonardo da Vinci ABLE reports

Biogas work placement II, Obernzenn, Bavaria, Germany 12th to the 27th April, 2013

Justyna Franuszkiewicz

Two weeks, on-site experience at German biogas plant gave me a comprehensive insight into all areas of anaerobic digestion process, including: technology, biochemistry of the process and understanding of day to day challenges, as well as the possible future developments.

In addition, during the programme I had a chance to meet people from across the industry, exchange knowledge & experience and built relationships. Another important part of this exchange was a cultural aspect.

Although my German language skills are basic I found it easy & enjoyable to communicate with the family and experience a completely different food, history background & lifestyle, which can be found in small Bavarian villages. Also, we were lucky to take part in a local 350 year old brewery bear fest, which gave us a good idea of the Bavarian customs & traditions (lederhosen & mass).

The participation in Leonardo Programme was a great opportunity to enhance my knowledge of the Biogas Industry in Germany, especially its technical but also legal aspects.

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