Our Association

What We Do

We promote and distribute the sustainable generation and use of energy made out of organic mass. Our goal is to organize the entire cycle of production and usage of bio-energy, starting with the production of organic biomass and bio-energy, up to the recycling of residual materials, within the framework of economically, ecologically, and socially acceptable and effective means.

We do this through professional conferences, training courses, consulting, and the active design and use of networks.


In cooperation with various organizations we form the political framework for bio-energy. When new laws, or changes in existing laws, are enacted, we represent our members' interests in a timely manner through personal talks and dialogue with the decisive authorities on local, national, and international levels, as well as with technical and scientifically based petitions.

Our professional competence is increasingly accepted by politcal parties, as well as by national and international organisations.

Fördergesellschaft für nachhaltige Biogas- und Bioenergienutzung e.V.